If you can remember when a man’s word was his bond, and you could do a deal on a hand-shake, then you know what it’s like to do business with Wayne Johnson and the dynamic Noblemen team.

These days, integrity is often spoken of in business, but it’s a quality that seems to be found in ever-diminishing circles. But when you find it, it’s worth its weight in gold.

It takes time and the courage of your convictions to build a reputation on integrity because it demands you don’t cut corners, lie, cheat or steal. Integrity is of the utmost value in an era where few can be taken at their word, where no commercial transaction can be considered safe without the legal seal of approval, and where too many are prepared to compromise for coin.

When you have Noblemen at your side, you soon realize that integrity is our greatest currency, and the ROI on that investment is compounded within this small entourage.

…Built A Noble Reputation And A Trusted Global Network

Wayne Johnson CEO Noblemen Ventures

Wayne Johnson, CEO & Chairman, Noblemen Ventures

CEO Wayne Johnson launched Noblemen Ventures in 2008. Today the Noblemen team collectively represents international commercial transaction experience, the value of which extends into the billions of dollars and many decades.

Noblemen clients draw upon hard-won business and commercial transaction experience, gained mainly in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and North America with private and public company entities.

Few corporate advisers have actually owned or built a business from start-up or had crucial experience as an operational CEO, COO or MD of significant public and private business operations in various industries. Nor have they orchestrated successful exits through merger, acquisition or IPO. Try finding an advisor who’s also built an international business or led the ASX listing of offshore companies, led a public company ASX Member and an AFSL licensed financial services group.

As a corporate advisor, in this respect, Wayne Johnson is a rare exception.

A seasoned entrepreneur, his vision and enthusiasm for the new is the catalyst to his international experiences in dynamic market conditions, such as emerging, regulating or deregulating industries or disruptive technologies. He understands the opportunities and pitfalls of changing markets and technology’s value (and limitations).

As an experienced public company chairman, director, operational CEO and COO, Wayne’s vast understanding of corporate governance (legal, finance, audit and compliance) and best practice management compound his value as a critical C-Suite asset. (See public company Board positions here).

This real-world international education on different people, cultures and regulations has delivered Noblemen an elite team of respected specialists who provide the best in corporate advisory and investment services.