AWrite a post about gold, it’s place in the market as a global asset relative to other assets, its bearing on currency prices, holding bitcoin vs gold etc.

Keep in mind the BESRA project and others, this article can demonstrate your knowled of the market place, mining processes, how to evaluate a gold stock or business, jorc values etc.

This is where you can highlight a quote from another source that your find particularly relevant to the times, the market or your point of view.

This is where you continue to elaborate on your perpsective and perhaps quote other articles in support of that position.

You might also find article that you disagree with that you can discuss here. The point is to demonstrate your knowledge on the subject.

A Headline About Gold As An Asset Or Investment Class

Given your experience in resources, evaluating projects, raising capital and listing them, this part of the article is an opportunity for you to position gold and your ability to select profitable projects.

You could also write about it in comparison to other categories that you have experience in eg. technology or cosmetics, things like risk, ROI, longevity etc