IThis article explores what investing in intellectual property might involve, the types of projects that come under this category and how you can evaluate whether to invest.

What’s attractive about intellectual property investments? How do you protect yourself? Is there vulnerability to litigation and how to identify that? The idea is to demonstrate your skill and knowledge in the category while giving the reader reason to seek you out.

This is a good area to identify example litigation cases around an IP type investment. Give more details from the perspective of the investor and the person or business that was wrong.

What went wrong, how could it have been avoided, what would you have done, why would it never have happended had you been their advisor?

NDevise A Headline That Identifies A Great Solution eg. “Better Get A Lawyer Son – Better Get A Real Good One”

You might elaborate here on the role lawyers play in protecting IP rights and therefore their role in any prospective investment. Remember you can link to previous transactions or articles about other investments you want to identify, good or bad.