his article is about capital raising, the alternatives companies can explore in this area eg. debt financing, IPO, private placement, and other alternatives, under the heading of ‘in a competitive market’. Who gets it, who doesn’t and why. Especially valid for start ups, think Vloggi.

The goal is to give some hope and insight into the options that you might be a channel to and the ones you’re NOT a channel to, think Vloggi.
You can link to previous transactions or other articles you like off your site.

Along the way in the article you would elaborate on the type of companies you work with, thereby excluding bait fish. You want the whales so write like that’s who you work with.

This is where you highlight an quote or especially pertinent point you want to get acros, like what can go wrong, eg. cultural differences and understanding like a chairman from another country thinkging he can do what he likes because he’s the chairman, not understanding ASX & ASIC rules

In this part you follow up with a bit more of the story from the point above to give more details.

This Headline Would Say Something That Highlights Why You Would Go To Noblemen For Capital Raising & IPO

This is where you can explain more of what’s involved in the IPO process or capital raising process eg. preparing the roadshow, executing the roadshow, ideally you will identify issues the prospect doesn’t know about but NMV has vast experience.

You want to identify a skillset they want but dont’t have, but NMV does.