Transaction Negotiation & Management

When the Noblemen team negotiate transactions, we’re negotiating the process of reconciling different points of view to a win-win result, which requires a particular skill-set. People like to do business with us because we bring those skills to the table to lead negotiations and retain the confidence of all involved.

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People Do Business With People They Like

We Listen. We believe a transaction cannot succeed unless all parties are satisfied with their respective position, and more often than not, this is achieved more through listening than compromise. Only by listening do we begin to understand the needs of each party and how they might best be served. Often we find the objectives are two sides of one coin, that’s what brought each party to the table initially. Reconciling those objectives is our objective.

It’s not just business – it’s personal. The business must be viable, and everyone must have realistic expectations, but ultimately the integrity of every investment is in its foundation. We believe that whatever the value of each party’s contribution, the strength of their relationship will underpin the investment. Because that relationship is formed through negotiation, we consider this part of the process of greatest importance.

We act in good faith. In recent times, we think you’ll agree that honesty, trust and sincerity have been utterly underrated in business. But we’ve built a solid reputation and an impressive network of professional people who do business with us because they know and trust us, based on our past performance and consistent code of conduct.

Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em”. Sometimes the best result will result in completing a transaction, and sometimes it’s better to walk away. It takes wisdom and experience to know the difference.