Merger & Acquisition – More About People Than Money

Success in M&A is more about bringing people together than bringing business assets together because ‘strategies only take on value when they are infused with the energies of committed individuals’.

Keeping things on track through merger and acquisition is a complex process of integration of people, process and partners. This makes M&A is more about people than money. It’s getting people to see the vision, desire it and move in unison toward a shared vision. Then it’s about getting everyone united to make it happen. Money is simply the applause for making it work. This can be a simple concept with a complex execution.

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Merger And Acquisition can be A Simple Concept With Complex Execution

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When two entities merge, it’s the integration that determines success or failure. From getting consensus on the shape and form of the deal, to implementing the logistics and integrating operations in one location or across many, its leadership and people skills that will make or break a deal. So if you want to execute an M&A strategy, take our advice, along with our strong leadership and people skills, to take the lead in securing your strategic objectives in the pre, during and post-merger stages.

The merger or acquisition proposition may be to take a business into the future, to strengthen a company’s overall position or a strategic manoeuvre, but essentially the underlying motivating factor is to protect and grow the value of the business.

Often it’s in response to change, particularly in terms of changed market conditions eg. a regulating or deregulating market or competitive forces. The catalyst may be the drive to create economies of scale or secure technological advantage. Each of these motivating factors presents specific challenges that will require a different approach. Whatever the strategy, it’s people who make it a reality.

What’s Your M&A Strategy?

Money is definitely not the prime or only concern in this situation. Industry consolidation, scales of economy, optimizing resources or succession planning are often more critical to the business.
Noblemen can help you refine your strategy with careful research to evaluate the merit of the opportunity.
Use Noblemen to evaluate information and get everyone across the line, all rowing together, toward the same objective in terms of:


  • Establish whether the opportunity is a strong strategic fit with your company vision
  • Undertake comprehensive due diligence
  • Identify and calculate a value for the synergies the opportunity will afford the company
  • Determine if the deal is attractive to shareholders
  • Determine best way to fund the opportunity – debt or equity?
  • Structure and negotiate the deal to best advantage
  • Champion shareholder value
  • Adhere to and resolve issues during due diligence, implementing a compliant process and integration issues pre and post transaction
  • Address operational concerns before, during and after any transition
  • Legal advice on structures, governance and contracts and services to secure your commercial venture
  • Sketch out a detailed and comprehensive integration plan
  • Establish an accurate and fair valuation
  • Agree on a price and then strengthen your competitive bid position
  • Negotiate price and business plans with takeover/merger target company
  • Communicate the business case
  • Position the legal undertakings
  • Formulate integration procedures


Post Merger Integration is an integral part of the success of any merger and the Nobleman team can provide the guidance and planning required to smooth the integration process and minimize the disruption in transition.

  • Integrating two management teams, and securing the strongest to lead the merged company ahead
  • Proactively and rapidly execute the integration strategy
  • Minimise disruptions to existing operations

Defending Acquisition
Sometimes success can make you vulnerable to take-over and this may not be the preferred strategic direction at the time. In this instance, Noblemen can help you identify and establish defensive strategies designed to ensure value is realised before being acquired or becoming the acquirer.

Specialist Legal & Finance Counsel For Corporate Structuring, Governance And Contracts

The Noblemen team includes some of the best legal counsel available in Australia and internationally today, with specialist expertise in corporate governance and compliance, commercial contracts, ASX listings, taxation and litigation. Experience has repeatedly confirmed that there is no substitute for a qualified lawyer who knows the rules, has great people skills and is commercially savvy.

Our team is diverse and select because in our experience ‘great lawyers don’t flock, you find them one at a time’.