Achieve Your IPO & Capital Raising Objectives

Whether you’re scouting for assets, operating companies or looking to raise capital, Noblemen can assist with all aspects of raising equity and business capital through public offerings and private placement, debt funding or restructuring. You can engage Noblemen to project manage and facilitate all aspects of raising equity and business capital through private and public offerings, debt funding, management buy-out, restructuring or reverse takeover.

Strategies For Raising Capital

Noblemen is the conduit to an extensive network of elite professionals with real talent and passion for their work. We enjoy working with them, and you will enjoy the results.

The five key stages to raising capital for business:

  1. Qualifying the need and scope of funding required
  2. Identifying the best/most suitable funding alternative
  3. Connecting with the ideal potential source of funding
  4. Negotiating the structure of the financing and transaction
  5. Executing the transaction – including due diligence, compliance, prospectus/offer documents and marketing

Noblemen can evaluate and advise your executive management on the most suitable alternatives for your specific situation and assist throughout the process of putting the funding in place. The choices may be many and varied, but that’s not to say investment funds are free flowing. Identifying the financing structure and the source of funds are two sides of the same coin. The Noblemen network is a conduit to solid relationships with the people who have the potential to support, partner or fund your business opportunity.

IPO & Reverse Take-Over Offerings

IPOs are not for the fainthearted – or those with a full-time job! Compliance and regulation demand exhaustive expert knowledge, and the process consumes a vast amount of time. When you give Noblemen the job of managing investment in the business, we enable you to get on with the job of running the business.

We take clients through the process of defining goals and strategies, preparing a detailed Information Memorandum (to form the basis of the prospectus or create a compliant prospectus), and ensuring adherence to financial reporting and due-diligence requirements for a company preparing for an ASX listing.

We also introduce appropriate brokers, fund managers and cornerstone investors, evaluate underwriting submissions, provide selection advice and negotiate the fees. After the float, the Noblemen team can continue support with guidance on your investor relations and market communications.