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Yin and Yang – East and West. When they come together, the common goal may be to do business, but how each party wants to get it done will be distinctly different. That’s where our understanding gained through experience of doing business with the Chinese is invaluable.

Noblemen Ventures has extensive experience in Chinese business and investment activities, including ASX IPO of Chinese business in Australia, Chinese investment in Australian IPO and investment and management of business in mainland China.

The Dragon & Tiger In Business

With 23 Administrative Provinces, all controlled by the PRC (except the 23rd, Taiwan, which is an independent country), seven or eight Chinese languages (with more than 20 dialects of Mandarin alone) and over a billion people experiencing unprecedented economic growth and social change, China is a state of change and challenge.

While there’s business to be done with our Chinese neighbours, be prepared for your conventions to be challenged, for it’s the cultural divide, not the geographic one, that sets China apart from the West. Sun Tzu’s Art of War might be recommended reading, but I Ching – The Book of Change is more applicable as the Chinese take their wealth to the world, for change is encountered everywhere.

It’s where new money finds it hard to part with old ways. It’s the dichotomy of being Chinese born with western education. Where the tea ceremony meets the BBQ, and it’s where the Chinese dragon meets Prada, and The Art of War meets ASIC.

The rule and role of government in China is an omnipresent factor to be respected and must be calibrated at all times. It’s said that the PRC allows commerce to flourish with an ‘open hand’, one they can close at any time. Hence moving RMB or dollars can be the first hurdle the entrepreneurial Chinese seek advice on.

Our Chinese clients come to Noblemen as business investors, buying or selling. They come seeking advice and guidance to operate in our corporate environment. They come to us for advice on importing to or exporting from China. They come to us to raise money by taking their business to the world. We help them to capitalise on opportunities.

West or East, we all want the same things from our business partnerships. Integrity and honesty in our motives and communications, courage and protection in our endeavours, and success and good fortune for our efforts

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